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This Is Us

There’s nothing more frustrating than craving a delicious mughlai meal, only to be disappointed by the lackluster and commercialized dishes served at many restaurants. The flavors are bland, spices are either too overpowering or completely absent, food texture is often dry, and the aroma is nothing like the mouth-watering scents from a home-cooked meal.

We have been bitten by this and have wanted to do something about it.


Nawabi foods are characterized by their elaborate preparation methods - marinating, slow-cooking and getting each proportion just right. It’s a skill you acquire with years of practice. And our years of practice and perfecting the quintessential Hyderabadi flavor is what has brought us here. Through Hydroden, our goal is to bring to you high-quality, traditional, and authentic Hyderabadi food consistently. Each of our dishes is a labor of love, the true secret ingredient in the cooking of our mothers and grandmothers, and we strive to bring that feeling of nostalgia to your tables. 

We hope you enjoy your meal.

With love


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